Arcadia Street FestiVal di Sole

Arcadia Street FestiVal di Sole APT Val di Sole


A magical place with surprises around every corner. Caldes, one of Val di Sole's oldest hamlets, will turn into a magical place for two entire days, with surprises around every corner, thanks to all of the great music and circus performers plus a tasty seduction of both old and new flavours. Enjoy non-stop performances by STREET ARTISTS, comical marching bands, circus performers, marching bands and of course... lots of great food including succulent STREET FOOD.

Great music, circus performers, street artists and a tasty seduction of local flavors. During this special weekend, all those who love history and culture will enjoy the art exhibits and shows held at the Caldes Castle, a thirteenth century castle that towers over this lovely town. This festive atmosphere will also be the perfect opportunity to taste local products, which for centuries have been an important part of Val di Sole's traditional rural origins, within the ancient courtyards of the town's aristocratic homes.

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