WILD GUIDE | Living the mountains

Whether in summer or winter, nature is unpredictable and surprises us every day. Our task is to protect and preserve it. We have prepared a NATURAL GUIDE to ensure hikes in total comfort and safety:

1. Plan the itinerary in advance, considering physical preparation and weather conditions.

2. Learn about the difficulty of the trail and always choose the most suitable hike.

3. Proper clothing and equipment ensure a comfortable and safe hike.

4. Always carry water, a sandwich, a fruit, and chocolate to maintain energy levels.

5. Stay on recommended or existing trails to allow animals to get used to human presence.

6. Rush and speed are counterproductive; always maintain a slow and safe pace, carefully checking the path.

7. Respect the local culture and traditions, remembering to be guests of mountain people.

8. Do not leave garbage in the woods, but take it to the valley for proper disposal. This also applies to cigarette butts, compostable materials, and biodegradable items.

9. Do not light fires, pick flowers, or disturb animals.

10. Attaching a small bell to your backpack allows you to signal the presence of humans to the forest animals.


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